Monday, 27 April 2009

What I love I create

Things, that I love are:- the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, hair, beauty, princesses, wealth, writing, romance, writing about romance, chocolates, flowers, sweets and ice-cream.

What you love, you create. At the moment, I am writing a book, which I am really enjoying. Following your passion, is very important, if you don't, you would be robbing yourself of a rich life. Life must be lived to the full with passion and purpose.

The graveyard is full of people who were not able to follow their passions, such being writers, architects, landscape gardeners and what ever they wanted to be, without having even started the process.

We have only one life and it is not a dress reherasal, so live life to the full, be passionate about what you do and you can make your own destiny. We are speaking spirits and we can call those things, as not as though they were, Romans 4:17b, we can leave a life without limits and rise to our full potential. Mark 10:27......with men, it is impossible, with God all things are possible.

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